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Here you see some anecdotes of my lifetime and before.


Circa 1907: Zarah Leander and John Wayne were born,
popular uprisings in German Africa-colonies gradually stopped,
and my grandma and my grandpa decided to have a professional photography session.
Picture 1: My grandma and my grandpa

Dörpfeldschule in Wermelskirchen

Circa 1941: The schoolhouse Dörpfeldschule in Wermelskirchen.
About 20 years later, I went to this school.
At that time, the small plantings on the picture has grown to big trees.
Today, the old building has yielded for a modern complex of buildings.
(Foto from the CD "Das Bildarchiv der Stadt Wermelskirchen")
Picture 2: Dörpfeldschule in Wermelskirchen


Circa 1960: My brother Friedel and my father Fritz.
Picture 3: My brother and my father

The fist days of the EDV-BRAND GmbH

Friday, 30th January 1987: The following statement was published
in the daily newspaper "rga"
Picture 4: Beginning of the EDV-BRAND GmbH in Remscheid,  Burger Straße 98

besuchen sie auch www.fahrrad-gestohlen.de

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