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nest of a blackbird

The nest of a blackbird

02. / 03.06.2003:
Approximately for one week, two blackbirds
reserved this sapling for their nest.

Picture 1: sapling with a nest

Nice hidden between green boughs.

Picture 2: hidden nest

Only if you know it, and on closer examination ...

Picture 3: closer to the nest

... you will see a blackbird in its nest.

Picture 4: a blackbird in its nest

It is not very amused about the fact,
that someone discovered its nest.

Picture 5: a blackbird, not very amused

Also, turn round is no use.
The next three weeks
I will accompany the life in the nest.

Picture 6: A blackbird turned around

As I visited the nest the next time,
the blackbird mum was leaving the nest.

Picture 7: Five eggs in the nest of a blackbird

I had a nice view to the content of the nest.
Five blackbird eggs were there waiting for their parents.

Picture 8: Five eggs in the nest of a blackbird

Now, the young ones are beginning to hatch out.

Picture 9: The young ones are beginning to hatch out

Uuups! One egg has disappeard.
I never heard, who took it.

Picture 10: The young ones are beginning to hatch out

The Blackbird (Turdus merula) as usual is a forester.
But tody it lives also in parks and gardens between you and me.

Picture 11: The young ones are beginning to hatch out

Now, one can see, first feathers are coming.

Picture 12: The blackbird young ones after 14 Days

The Blackbird has 2 - 3 broods in a year (March to July) ,,,

Picture 13: The blackbird young ones after 15 Days

... and will lay 4 - 7 eggs each time.

Picture 14: The blackbird young ones after 17 Days

The brood and nestling time is approximately 28 days.

Picture 15: The blackbird young ones after 17 Days

Same than in German,
there are different terms for one bird.
blackbird, merle and ouzel
describe the same bird.

Picture 16: The blackbird mama guard the children

Typical identifying features of a blackbird are: ...

Picture 17: The blackbird young ones after 20 Days

... The male is black with a yellow bill
and yellow circumorbital rings. ...

Picture 18: The blackbird young ones after 20 Days

... The female is dark brown and underside bright.

Picture 19: The blackbird daddy

The blackbird subsists with worms and insects. ...

Picture 20: Hungry blackbird babies

23.06.2003: ... Also, the blackbird eats berries and fruits.

Picture 21: The blackbird young ones after 21 Days

Mostly you see the blackbird hopping on the floor
to forage for food.

Picture 22: The blackbird young ones after 21 Days

The last day in the nest.

Picture 23: The blackbird young ones after 22 Days

The squab in front looks enquiring to the camera.
Hey! Look to my brother,
(or is it its sister?)
in front edge of the nest:
"Is he allowed to do this?"
Yes, he is allowed to do this.
Now the squabs are old enough
and oversized for the nest.

Picture 24: The blackbird young ones after 22 Days

The little blackbirds jumped out of the nest,
and hopped in the meadow and the close-by residential street.
Then, there began a procedur for hours.
Their parents asked them to fly on the trees.
After a long while, the little blackbirds attended their parents order.
And off and away they were.
Now the nest is empty.
And allways, when I see a blackbird,
I remember these days.

Picture 25: The nest now is empty

And here you will
find me in the




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