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my harley

My customized Harley Davidson

Original: A Harley Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight

Picture 1: Harley customized

And that was the original style.
The Harley Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight.
Old school: Fat front wheel, slim mudguard, small head lamp.

Picture 2: Harley, the original style

First of all I installed additionally
- a front shield
- two small head lamps
- a leathern toolbag
- to the left and to the right one black crash bar each.

Picture 3: Harley, comparison of the front view

On a bit larger photo it will look like this:

Picture 4: Harley Davidson, front view

Because there was not enough room in the toolbag for the rain pants,
I bought this saddle-bag.

Picture 5: Harley Davidson, view small packing bag

And also at the rear end, there have been some changes:
- A wider rear wheel (200/60 B16 instead of 150/80 B16)
- with a correspondent wide tire swing arm
- new shock absorbers.
And that the look comes out better:
- The number plate was transferred to the left side
- the rear fender was shortened
- and more inconspicuous direction indicators installed.

Picture 6: Harley, comparison from behind

And again,
on a bit larger photo it will look like this:

Picture 7: Harley Davidson, view from behind

The factory-made PEANUT tank
ensures the typical Sportster silhouette
therefore one should change nothing to that.

But this nice looking tank holds 7.9 liters fuel at most.
The fuel indicator light lights up after just 100 km.
And because, that the tank reserve is not quite excessively,
on a long route there are needed several refuelling stops.

For this reason, the harley got a new tank, a 15 liter tank.
And the motorbike now got a new stylish elephants silhouette.

Picture 8: Harley Davidson, comparison of the tank

And again,
on a bit larger photo it will look like this:

Picture 9: Harley Davidson, view of the tank

Optics - all well and good.
But what really represents a Harley, is its sound.

Therefore here was installed: A Kesstech valve exhaust system
with Electronic Sound Management-Systemen (ESM).
The ESM automatically controls sound and volume,
ensuring that each aspect follows applicable regulations.
The exhaust system has a General Operating Permit (ABE)
and therefore it does not have to be entered into the vehicle documents.

Picture 10: Harley Davidson, the exhaust system

Technical specifications of the "Original HD 48"
(Modified values appearing in red)

Air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 45 degree V-type engine (1.2 liter)
fuel injection, unregulated catalyst, five-speed gearbox, toothed belt.
49.0 kW (67 PS) rated power at 5,700 rpm
max torque 98NM at 3,200 rpm

Double cradle frame from steel,
front fork, ø 39 mm, dual-sided swingarm made of steel, two suspension struts, adjustable spring basis,
disc brake in front, ø 292 mm,
disc brake behind, ø 292 mm,
spoke Wheels with steel rims 3.00 x 16; 3.00 x 16
tires MT 90 B16; 150/80 B16 (rear: 200/60 B16)
tire brand Dunlop D 401/402

Dimensions and weights:
Wheel base 1520 mm,
steering head angle 60,0 degree,
following steering 119 mm,
spring travel front/rear 92/54 mm,
seat height* 705 mm,
fully fueled weight* 256 kg,
payload* 198 kg,
tank capacity 7,9 (15,0) Liter.
colors black, silver, orange

Measured values:
Driving performance: Top speed(manufacturer information), 190 km/h

0-100 km/h 5,2 sec
0-140 km/h 10,2 sec

engine power
60-100 km/h 5,8 sec
100-140 km/h 6,9 sec
140-180 km/h 11,1 sec

Open road 5,1/100 km
theoretical range 155 (294) km
type of fuel Super

Picture 11: The Harley 48 forty eight customized

And here you will
find me in the




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