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Alhambra, Granada

The Alhambra belongs to World Heritage Sites,
and it is probably the most visited sight in Europe.

Picture 1: Entrance Alhambra

Located high up on a hill

Picture 2: Alhambra / Located high up on a hill

it provides an excellent view across the city of Granada.

Picture 3: Alhambra / View across the city of Granada

Its origin dates back to the time after 711,
when the Arab Moors ruled over the Iberian Peninsula.

Picture 4: Alhambra / Of Arabic origin

After the year 1491,
the end of the Muslim domination over the Spanish area,
it subsequently passed into the hands of the Spanish kings.

Picture 5: Alhambra / Castle

At times, it was considered to move
the seat of the government to Granada and the Alhambra.

Picture 6: Alhambra / Seat of the government

But also this was followed by years
of destruction and disrepair.

Picture 7: Alhambra / Ruins

It was not until the 19th century
that it was prevented further disrepair.

Picture 8: Alhambra / Shady alley

and one started again with the restoration works.

Picture 9: Alhambra / Restoration

then remains a building complex that is well worth seeing
with city castle, palaces and gardens.

Picture 10a: Alhambra / City castle

Picture 10b: Alhambra / Cannon

Picture 10c: Alhambra / Basin/Pool

Picture 10c: Alhambra / Palace

Picture 10d: Alhambra / Fountain

Picture 10e: Alhambra / Stairs

Picture 10f: Alhambra / Green hedges 1

Picture 10g: Alhambra / Green hedges 2

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