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stone circle of avebury

Stone Circle of Avebury

is the biggest stone circle of Gread Britain.
It was built in the years 2600 to 2100 before Christ.

Picture 1: Stone Circle of Avebury

From originally 98 stones are 30 stones still preserved.
The rest was destroyed in the 14th century.

Picture 2: Stone Circle of Avebury

The UNESCO declared the stone circle of Avebure
to World Heritage Site.

Picture 3: Stone Circle of Avebury

Avebury, a view, which will create a lot of legends.

Picture 4: Stone Circle of Avebury

You will find the stone circle in the village Avebury in Wiltshire.
It´s publicly available.

Picture 5: Stone Circle of Avebury

A detailed travel report to the bike-trekking-tour you see here.

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