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sa calobra

Sa Calobra

the snake road (La Culebra (Calobra) = the colubrid / the snake)
is winding like a colubrid through a bizarre landscape,
and finally it ends with the bay of Sa Calobra in the Northwest
of Mallorca (Majorca).

Picture 1: Sa Calobra, the road in form of a tie knot

The road has a length of more than 12 kilometre.

Picture 2: Sa Calobra, the road in form of a snake

One attration on the serpentine road of Sa Calobra,
is this bottleneck via two precipitous rock walls.

Picture 3: Sa Calobra, point of constriction on the road

Picture 4: Sa Calobra, a steep rock along the road

Picture 5: The Bay of Sa Calobra

And here you will
find me in the





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