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Monumento Castillo Colomares / Monument Castle Colomares

The Monument Castillo Colomares. The entrance fee with a maximum of 2 Euro, cannot be the reason, not to visit this castle.

Picture 1: The Monument Castillo Colomares, price board

The 3rd of August, 1492. A date written in stone. On that date Christopher Columbus set sail with three ships. His mission: Find the westward sea route to India.

Picture 2: The Monument Castillo Colomares, August 3, 1492, the date, carved out of stone

And as we know today, he didn′t find the westward sea route to India, but he laid the foundation stone for the discovery of a new continent, for the discovery of America. And anything that was launched on the 3rd of August, 1492, that is the focus of this monument.

Picture 3: A general view of the Monument Castillo Colomares

With the three ships Santa María, Pinta and Niña he started his journey.

Picture 4: The Monument Castillo Colomares, the three ships Santa María, Pinta and Niña

The Monument Castillo Colomares addresses 16 themes. Here: The snake fountain.

Picture 5: The Monument Castillo Colomares, the snake fountain

The house of Aragon.

Picture 6: The Monument Castillo Colomares, the house of Aragon

The house of Castile.

Picture 7: The Monument Castillo Colomares, the house of Castile

The fountain of hope.

Picture 8: The Monument Castillo Colomares, the fountain of hope

The Monumento Castillo Colomares in Benalmádena (Pueblo) is a real confidential tip. As well if we are asking: Is it an imposing monument, or is it just kitsch art? Within a small area Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and Moorish styles are found. Combined with the Spanish history, religion and culture.

During your next holiday in andalusia, between the cities of Málaga and Marbella, you should visit the Castillo Colomares. Here you can shoot the perfect holiday snapshot.

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