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el teide / tenerife

El Teide / Roques de García

Another attraction in Tenerife is the Teide National Park
with the Mount "Pico del Teide".

Picture 1: El Teide (Information sign)

The "Pico del Teide" is, at an altitude of 3,718 metres,
Spain′s highest mountain.

Picture 2: El Teide (The Mountain from a Distance)

At this height, even during summer, it may happen,
that you find snow on the roads leading to the mountain.

Picture 3: El Teide (With any Snow in Summer)

For such a mountain it is a small thing
to look over the clouds.

Picture 4: El Teide (above the clouds)

On the terrain at the foot of the Pico del Teide (in the background)
the Roques de García are inviting us you for a walk around them (for about 5 km).
A very bizarr and unique rock formation
where we will especially find the Roque Cinchado.
It is certainly the best known rock of this formation,
and at the same time also the island′s landmark.

Picture 5: El Teide (Roque Cinchado)

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