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ettaler manndl

The "Ettaler Manndl" / A fantastic via ferrata

The "Ettaler Manndl" is a nice and well protected
mountain for climbing (fixed rope route / 1633 m).

Picture 1: Ettaler Manndl, fixed rope route

A very good place to start the climbing tour,
is the monastery in Ettal.

Picture 2: The monastery in Ettal

The first time, we climbed the Ettaler Manndl,
we took the route starting from the
parking area besides the Ettal Monastery
to Oberammergau. And then past Soilealm
to reach Soilesee
(Please find a sketch below in the text).

From here, you can see the mountain "Ettaler Manndl".
And with a little fantasy, you will make out
the cross on the peak.

Picture 3: Ettaler Manndl, Soilesee

After a look to the lake, you continue the hike.
And now it will get a little bit more difficult.

Picture 4: Footpath to the Ettaler Manndl

And at this point, the true climbing starts.
The mountain demands our courage.

Picture 5: Ettaler Manndl

Even though there happend tragic accidents. For the risky part
of the climbing tour, we have this safeguard, a chain will
fixed on the way to the mountain top.

Picture 6: Ettaler Manndl, protection, chain

These are moments, you will never forget.

Picture 7: Ettaler Manndl, within the rock face

Just ahead of us: The cross on the mountain top.

Picture 8: Ettaler Manndl, shortly before the peak

The log book, at the peak of the Ettaler Manndl.

Picture 9: Ettaler Manndl, the log book

And after you have enjoyed the nice view, ...

Picture 10: Ettaler Manndl, a beautiful view

... you will return to safer ground. Hasta la vista Ettaler Manndl!

Picture 11: Ettaler Manndl, way back

As mentioned above,
there is a very good parking possibility
right besides the Ettal Monastery.
Starting from this parking area,
there are 2 or 3 alternatives
to reach the climbing path.

1. One takes the straight way to the Ettaler Manndl
(see blue arrows).
The track is quite steep and twisted.
Rather the steepest trail I ever walked.

2. If one spreads the same rise
to a triple or four times distance,
the forward run appears much easier.
This possibility is available,
by walking at first towards Oberammergau,
then passing the Soilealm and the Soilesee
until you reach the foot of the Ettaler Manndl
(see red arrows).

3. If you don′t like steeply rising,
long-distance walking,
there may be also a third possibility
to climb the Ettaler Manndl.
The mountain railway (Laber Bergbahn)
can take you from Oberammergau
up to the Laberjoch.
From there it goes also along a route
uphill and downhill to reach the via ferrata,
it is definitely the shortest path to Ettaler Manndl.

Picture 12: Ettaler Manndl, the map

At our second tour to the summit cross,
we head along the pathway
leading directly to
the foot of the Ettaler Manndl.

This way is well marked with sign boards.
But the time indications are approximate values
and significant for top athletes.
Instead of the noted 2 houres,
one time we needed 3 houres,
and another time (within a larger group)
even we needed 4 houres.

Picture 21: Ettaler Manndl, signs

At first, it′s a comfortable path, ...

Picture 22: The Way to Ettaler Manndl

... The path then gets narrower ...

Picture 23: The Way to Ettaler Manndl

... and steeper.

Picture 24: The Way to Ettaler Manndl, stairs

Partially you only can have a presentiment
for the path.

Picture 25: The Way to Ettaler Manndl, bad way

But sometime you will reach this point.
Here, the fixed rope route starts.

Picture 26: Ettaler Manndl, start of the fixed rope route

Now there is to decide
for the climbing equipment.

Picture 27: Wearing the climbing equipment

And "aufi geht′s"
(Bavarian dialect for
"Here we go").

Picture 28: Ettaler Manndl, here we go

The Ettaler Manndl,
A realy beautiful fixed rope route.

Picture 29: Ettaler Manndl, within the rock face

In a beautiful setting.

Picture 30: Ettaler Manndl, within the rock face

And soon we have reached ...

Picture 31: Ettaler Manndl, within the rock face

... the summit cross of the Ettaler Manndl.

Picture 32: Ettaler Manndl, summit cross

And here you will
find me in the




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