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moonscape / paisaje lunar / tenerife

Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar / Los Escurriales)

For those, who like bizarre landscapes,
the visit of the Paisaje Lunar: (Paisaje Lunar) is a must.

Picture 1: Paisaje Lunar (Moonscape) on Tenerife

But for the visit of this place of interest
one should consider at least one full day.
Because it is not easily reached by car,
it can be reached only over two alternative hiking trails.

"Alternative 1": We park the car on a parking lot
in the center of the small village of Vilaflor, start
a considerable hike and follow the yellow-white marks.
Ahead of us are 13 km of attractive hiking routes.

Picture 2: Paisaje Lunar (Moonscape): Yellow and white signs on the way

You are not a hiking-lover? So for you is "Alternative 2".
Drive along the road number TF-21.
At km 66 (near the village of Vilaflor) turn to the forest trail,
as shown in the following picture.

Picture 2a: Entrance to the Forest Trail to Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar):

If even you can hardly believe it.
The use of the forest trail is generally permitted (permitida).

Picture 3: Paisaje Lunar (Moonscape): Notice sign for drivers

And it looks like this, the forest trail.
It will lead us not completely
but very close to the moonscape (Paisaje Lunar).

Picture 4: Forest Trail to Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar):

And when we have the feeling
we are on the forest trail for an eternity,
this sign tells us, we have not yet reached our goal.
But we are moving in the right direction.

Picture 5: Sign to Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar)

That curve is what we have to look for,
because you must leave your car here.
The remaining distance we continue on foot.

Picture 6: A turning to the left leading to the Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar)

This sign tells us,
that we still have to walk a footpath of 2,2 km.

Picture 7: Sign to Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar)

And so it looks, the way to the moonscape (Paisaje Lunar).
The gravel on the way advises us to wear solid shoes.

Picture 8: Hiking trail to the Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar)

Our goal: The lookout point to the moonscape.
Full of expectations we go to the edge of the viewing platform
and look the hill down.

Picture 9: Viewpoint onto the Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar)

And that it is what we see from the moonscape (Paisaje Lunar).

Oops, we find ourselves at the same height like the clouds.
Tomorrow, we probably have to start a second attempt,
and hope, that the weather will give us a cloudless day.

Picture 10: View of the Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar) prevented by fog and mist

However, it is also possible
to try to get closer to the moonscape.
But this will only be possible,
if we leave the marked path.

Picture 11: Paisaje Lunar (Moonscape): Trail Markers

This path is not hazard-free.
One should however already be free from dizziness,
and slightly trained in climbing.

Picture 12: Narrow footpath to the Moonscape (Paisaje Lunar)

By reaching the moonscape it should be pointed out
that everything here is tuff-made.
The cones of stone are porous and prone to weathering.
In the past even they were climbed by hikers,
with the result that the tuff crumbled down.
Therefore never come too close to the figures
and never touch them at all. It will be a terrible pity
if there would be a fence around the moonscape (Paisaje Lunar),
or we would lose such a nature building like this.

Picture 13: Paisaje Lunar (Moonscape) on Tenerife

The moonscape,
in Spanish "Paisaje (Landscape) Luna (Moon)"
or so called Los Escurriales.

Picture 14: Paisaje Lunar (Moonscape) on Tenerife

Picture 15: Paisaje Lunar (Moonscape) on Tenerife

Picture 16: Paisaje Lunar (Moonscape) on Tenerife

And here you will
find me in the




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