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white horse of cherhill

The white horse of Cherhill

Probably around the year 1780
the white horse was shaped in the Hill of Cherhill.
Legend has it that a fellow citizen
named Dr. Christopher Alsop pushed ahead this project.

Very useful for the preparation of such shapes
are the geological conditions in this region.
Because of the calcareous soil
located underneath the layer of grass,
it is sufficient to cut-out the layer of grass
and you′ll get this mystical figure.

Picture: The Hill "White Horse Of Cherhill"

You will find Cherhill in Wiltshire in the South of England.

Picture: Entrance to the village Cherhill

Whatever led people at that time
to build the White Horse of Cherhill is not known.
A possible explanation is the pass of the United Kingdom Crown
to the Royal House of Hanover (in 1714),
which had a white horse in their coat of arms.

Also the population of the South of England
is well known for its love to mystic things.
Quite nearby the Wite Horse of Cherhil,
there is an overview map from which one could see
additional positions with similar figures.

Picture: General map of Wiltshire′s White Horse Trail, England

A detailed travel report to the bike-trekking-tour you see here.

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