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Ronda, a community of 36,000 residents (status as of 2015), is one of the biggest cities of "white villages" in Andalucia.

Picture 1: Ronda /  Entrance to the town

A pedestrian zone, that leads of the Avenida Málaga to the historic bullfighting arena of Ronda. Here, you can do some shopping and get a good dinner at favourable prices.

Picture 2: Ronda / Pedestrian area

Via the pedestrian zone we reach the Plaza del Socorro, on the right. It is an ample square with restaurants, church and fountain. Underneath the Plaza del Socorro there is located a parking garage, which is an ideal starting point for a tour through the town.

Picture 3: Ronda / Plaza del Socorro

At the end of the pedestrian area at the right side, one get to the historic bullfighting arena of Ronda, from the year 1785. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest bullfighting arena of spain.

Picture 4: Ronda / Statue of a bull in front of the bullfighting arena

The name "Romero" is inseparably connected to the bullfighting arena of Ronda. Several generations of this family are the heroes of Ronda or rather the whole of Spain. Particular mention should be made of Francisco Romero and his grandchild Pedro Romero, who killed about 5.000 animals in his career. They developed new rules. Beginning with the battle of the Torero not on the horse, but afoot. 250 years ago, they introduced the Muleta. The famous red rag.

Picture 4a: Ronda / Pedro Romero

Picture 4b: Ronda / Arms for bull-fighting

Picture 4c: Ronda / clothes for the matador

A few pictures of the bullfighting arena are shown below.

Picture 5: Bullfighting arena of Ronda / Gate for the fighting bull

Picture 6: Bullfighting arena of Ronda / panoramic sight

Picture 7: Bullfighting arena of Ronda / panoramic sight

Picture 8: Bullfighting arena of Ronda / the tier

Outside the bullfighting arena there are statues of another legendary dynasty: Antonio Ordóñez ...

Picture 9: Bullfighting arena of Ronda / Statue in honour of Antonio Ordonez

... and his father Cayetano Ordóñez.

Picture 10: Bullfighting arena of Ronda / Statue in honour of Cayetano Ordonez

The bullfighting arena from the perspective of a bull however is not that glamour and glory. Cold and merciless is the last course of the bull. When the dungeon door opens ...

Picture 11: Bullfighting arena of Ronda / Jail for the fighting bulls

... he has to go the last way to death. At each stage of his way a trap door behind him obstructs the way back.

Picture 12: Bullfighting arena of Ronda / Trap door

But the touristic highlight in Ronda is the Puente Nuevo (new bridge) which was build in the 18th century.

Picture 13: Ronda / Street across the new bridge (puente nuevo)

Left and right of the bridge there glue houses and gardens close on the edge of the precipice.

Picture 14: The new Bridge (Puente Nuevo) in Ronda / Houses to the right of the bridge

Picture 15: The new Bridge (Puente Nuevo) in Ronda / Houses to the right of the bridge

Picture 14: The new Bridge (Puente Nuevo) in Ronda / Houses to the left of the bridge

The bridge separates the moorish stamped Old Town from the new part of the town.

Picture 17: The new Bridge (Puente Nuevo) in Ronda / close-up view

Picture 18: The new Bridge (Puente Nuevo) in Ronda / Remotely view

Picture 19: The new Bridge (Puente Nuevo) in Ronda / Remotely view

Many personalities of the public life were connected with Ronda. The enthusiasm for bullfighting brought them here to Ronda. Among others there was Ernest Hemingway, one of the most successful American writers. Or Orson Welles, the Hollywood film director, who lies buried here.

Picture 20: Ronda / Orson Welles memorial

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